Statement on Business Integrity and Code of Conduct

Tana Copenhagen Aps and any person or sub-contractor hired by the Tana Copenhagen are bound by values of integrity, transparency and responsibility and conduct business to the highest ethical standards and consequently do not tolerate bribery and corrupt behavior as outlined in this business management integrity system.

We will not in our services accept or offer any payment, consideration or benefit of any kind, which constitutes fraud, illegal or corrupt practices, neither directly or indirectly as an inducement or reward in relation to tendering, award or execution of contracts.
Any such practice will be grounds for the immediate cancellation of the contract and for additional legal actions, civil and/or criminal as may be appropriate.

Code of Professional Conduct

Tana Copenhagen’s Business Integrity Management System (BIMS) fulfils the policies and recommendations of OECD .

As full-fledged member of Association of Danish Management Consulting Firms (ADMCF) we abide by ADMCF’s “Code of Professional Conduct” . ADMCF organizes most of the Danish consultancy companies, which are not founded on civil-engineering competencies.

The following principles are applicable for the members who ascribe to the Code of Professional Conduct, we:

  1. Only accept assignments that we have the skills and knowledge to perform.
  2. Will carry out the assignment effectively.
  3. Will draw up a written agreement for any assignment and ensure current evaluation with the client of their mutual expectations.
  4. Will work loyally in all dealings with the client.
  5. Will maintain a professional and proper approach towards the client’s potential or current employees and customers.
  6. Will treat client information as confidential.

BIMS is implemented in Tana Copenhagen through the following management principles:

  • The management of Tana Copenhagen signs all contracts with clients after having secured that the contracts are in accordance with legal, integrity and code of conduct requirements.
  • For each assignment a project manager is appointed, who is responsible for ensuring that the assignment is carried out in accordance with the values and code of conduct of Tana Copenhagen.
  • All contracts with sub-contractors must include a paragraph on Business Integrity which reads as follows: “The sub-consultant is obliged to act in accordance with generally accepted good conduct. Thus, no offer, payment, consideration, or benefit of any kind, which constitutes illegal or corrupt practices, shall be made, either directly or indirectly, as an inducement or reward in relation to the tendering, the award of contract, or the execution of the contract. Within the framework of the agreement Tana Copenhagen reserves the right to audit relevant business procedures including financial transactions and related documents. Tana Copenhagen has the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect if the sub-consultant violates the said policy”.
  • All outputs of assignments are quality assured by the project manager and all major final outputs are in addition quality assured by the management (Director, Senior Consultant and/or Business Manager) of Tana Copenhagen.
  • All permanent staff and longer term partners are trained in Tana Copenhagen’s BIMS and all subcontractors and other short-term consultants working for Tana Copenhagen are informed in writing about the BIMS