Questionnaire on Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs)

Your contribution to answer the questionnaire is greatly appreciated. This questionnaire serves to gather nationally relevant information on sources of data on Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) for risk assessment and mapping purposes.
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Strengthening Ethiopia’s
Capacity and Regional Engagement
to Counter Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism,
and Illicit Financial Flows

The Danish Anti Money Laundering Programme delivers capacity support to sharpen the focus and capacity of the Ethiopian public institutions that are mandated to confront money laundering (AML), the financing of terrorism (CFT) and illicit financial flows (IFF), and to develop inter-agency as well as cross border collaboration. The Programme supports Ethiopia’s response to the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which is an international body mandated to improve the global response to money laundering and related challenges.
The Programme is financed by the Government of Denmark through the Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa. The support started in April 2019 and will last until June 2022. It is being implemented by the Danish consulting company, Tana Copenhagen, in conjunction with the Ethiopian AML/CFT/IFF authorities.

Our Team in Ethiopia

The overall programme direction is provided by Tana Copenhagen from its Copenhagen offices. Programme work plans are implemented by a team based in Addis Ababa, comprising the following people. Click on each team member to learn more.

Charles Goredema

Team Leader

Biniam Shiferaw Ayalew

AML/CFT Consultant

Mekuria Alemu Haile

AML / IFFS Consultant

Helen Mersha Bayu

Finance and Admin Officer

Our Implementation Partners

The Danish AML Programem works closely with the main Ethiopian authorities responsible for AML/CFT/IFF. These are the Ministry of Peace, The Federal Attorney General, The Financial Intelligence Centre,  The Ethiopian Police University College and The Customs Commission.

A Steering Committee meets twice a year and provides support, guidance and oversees progress. It is made up of the implementation partners, together with the Royal Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa. Tana’s Programme Director and Team Leader provide secretariat and technical support to the Steering Committee.   

Capacity Support

The programme supports the capacity of AML/CFT authorities through:

  • Capacity development of technical skills on AML/CFT/IFF in line with international standards
  • Gathering, managing and disseminating knowledge (information)
  • Supporting the authorities in the review of Ethiopian AML/CFT/IFF policy and development of legislation
  • Strategic and operational advisory support (e.g. in drafting compliance guidelines/standard operating procedures)


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