Tana Copenhagen upgrades focus on Growth and PSD

Tana upgrades focus on Growth and Private Sector Development

Since establishment in 2006, Tana Copenhagen has performed more than 200 international development assignments worldwide within our key focus areas; Governance, Aid Delivery in Fragile States, Peace and Security, and Civil Society. In addition as part of our strategic development, we have increasingly been involved in assignments related to economic growth and private sector development.

As a results of this, we have in recent months advanced our focus on ‘Growth and Private Sector Development’ with additional in-house expertise, partnership collaborations and a clear strategic framework. Continuing to provide our key consultancy services in terms of identifications, formulations, reviews, evaluations and assessments, we specialise in ‘Economic Governance’, ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’, ‘Business Skills Development’, ‘Agribusiness’, ‘Green Energy’ and ‘ PSD and Human Rights’.

The attached brochure explains our services more closely.