Implementation and analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP): Accountability of IDP Camp “Gatekeepers” in Mogadishu

IDPs informal settlements in Mogadishu are situated on private land or illegally seized public land. These lands are controlled by “Gatekeepers” (informal camp managers) who provide a degree of security and access to aid agencies to provide services to the IDPs. The informal camp manager issue was silently accepted by the humanitarian aid community and only publicly acknowledged in 2013. In spite of this, the practice is still ongoing.

To enhance the accountability of the informal camp managers, Tana Copenhagen, together with iDC, designed and implemented an accountability programme for the gatekeepers, by:
• Assessing the political economy of the gatekeeper system and use this to improve accountabilities
• Enhancing the capacity of the informal camp managers to improve their understanding of rights and obligations
• Improving the transparency of the gatekeeper system through publication of fee rates, services and rights in the individual camps
• Introducing a certification system for informal camp managers

To document change over time, extensive baselines, monitoring and action research form part of the implementation aimed at enabling learning and improving the implementation process.

Tana carried out the following tasks:
– Field missions to Mogadishu
– Identified camp managers
– Consultations with stakeholders
– Analysed relationship between camp managers and IDPs
– Designed and implemented a monitoring system in order to measure project implementation, assess lessons learned and identify possible corrective measures
– Carried out trainings of camp managers
– Established transparency mechanisms
– Established certification system for informal camp managers

The contract period is September 2015 – August 2016
Client: Mott MacDonald on behalf of DFID