Provision of M&E Services to the Peace and Stabilisation Fund

The Danish Peace and Stabilisation Fund (PSF) is a funding mechanism for stabilisation and conflict prevention. The PSF finances multilateral and bilateral initiatives at regional, national and subnational level, which support conflict prevention and stabilisation. Activities supported include, capacity building of armed forces, justice and security reform, and addressing drivers of fragility. During the period 2010-2014 the fund amounted to DKK 930 million. The fund was renewed for the period 2015-2017 with a budget of DKK 1 billion.

The aim of the assignment was to:
– Design and implement an M&E framework at different levels of the fund
– Set up reporting procedures for the fund’s implementing partners
– Develop monitoring mechanisms and procedures for situations where circumstances prevent direct and physical monitoring
– Assist MFA-units and staff at embassies in engaging implementing partners in order to improve reporting requirements for individual programmes
– Support programme managers in M&E processes
– Revise M&E guidelines for the new M&E framework
– Provide M&E technical assistance for implementation at programme and at strategic level

Tana provided the following services:
– Design of M&E framework
– Operationalise the M&E framework and provide M&E technical assistance for implementation at programme and at strategic level
– Consultations with the MFA and MOD as well as embassy staff and implementing partners
– Field missions to Mogadishu, Nairobi, Ouagadougou, Bamako, Gaziantep, Islamabad, Karachi, Baghdad, and Kabul.
– Develop solutions for third party monitoring and remote monitoring in insecure situations
– Training and technical support to MFA, MoD staff, programme managers, implementing partners and embassy staff.
– Assist inter-ministerial secretariat and country desks at the MFA and MOD in preparing results based reports for the fund steering committee

Client: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The contract period is from August 2015 – February 2017 and Tana provided all 3 consultants for the assignment.