Review of Danish Red Cross with Special Focus on Partnerships and Resilience in Development and Humanitarian Assistance

The Danish Red Cross (DRC) is one of the largest relief and development organisations in Denmark with an annual turnover in 2014 of 1,226 billion DKK. The DRC’s strategy from 2015-2020 focuses on life saving interventions and resilience building in fragile situations. The DRC entered a framework agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for development programs in 1992 and a Humanitarian Partnership Agreement (HPA) in 2012.

The objective of the review was to assess the overall performance of DRC’s work under the framework agreement and Humanitarian Partnership Agreement, with special focus on delivering results on long-term development and humanitarian interventions as well as linking relief and development, through a variety of partnerships. Another aim of the review was to assess to what extent the strategic frame of the DRC was relevant to and consistent with Danish political priorities in terms of geography, thematic focus, and sector.

The contract period was from August – December 2015 and 4 consultants were provided for the assignment.

Client: Danish Ministry of foreign Affairs