Tana is a Danish consultancy firm dedicated to promoting and supporting sustainable development. We work with our clients to design and deliver tailored, locally anchored and effective international aid.

Tana Cycle

Our focus areas

Tana specialises in consultancies within the fields of:

  • Governance – including support to democracy, public administrative reform, decentralisation, civil society and human rights
  • Stabilisation – from relief and reconstruction and development assistance in fragile situations, including conflict prevention and ensuring that security is aligned with human rights
  • Private sector development – with an emphasis on business environments that promote growth and are consistent with human rights.

Our services

Within these thematic areas, our core services strive to optimise the effectiveness of aid and local capacities through:

  • Evaluations, reviews and monitoring, programme design and formulation
  • Political economy, conflict, risk, and other analyses
  • Process support, technical assistance and advisory services
  • Application of Human Rights Based and Theory of Change approaches
  • Training and capacity development.

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