Support to Combating Corruption in Ukraine

Tana is currently formulating the programme for Support to Combating Corruption in Ukraine.

The programme is an EU programme with a budget of 10-15 million Euro from 2016-2019, which the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will formulate and implement on behalf of the EU.

The objectives of the programme is to:
– Strengthen the operational and policy-making capacities state institutions charged with preventing and fighting corruption, as well as strengthen the integrity of personnel of other justice sector institutions.
– Strengthen parliamentary oversight of reform implementation and its capacity to scrutinize and improve the strategic and legislative framework
– Enhance the capacity of civil society and media to contribute to the fight against corruption

Tana is providing 3 consultants for the team, including the Team Leader and an Anti-Corruption Expert. The assignment includes 2 missions to Ukraine as well as visits to EU member states in order to identify key institutions and compentencies to be included in the programme.

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