Tana and iDC’s paper on Gatekeepers and hybrid governance

Tana and iDC are now well into their implementation of the ‘Gatekeeper’ project aimed at enhancing the accountabilities of Gatekeepers in Mogadishu to the IDPs as well as to the Government of Somalia. In this challenging environment we are tackling the sensitive issue of Gatekeepers up front and working with the structures for improving the conditions of the IDPs. As the paper describes, this is no easy task, but as we have demonstrated, it is feasible. As we argue in the paper:

Gatekeepers remain one of the most resilient governance structures at local level in Mogadishu, and formal stakeholders, including government and the international community, will need to come to terms and engage with them proactively if there is to be an improvement in IDPs’ protection and livelihoods.

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