Appraisal of the Niger Bilateral Programme: 2023 – 2027

Niger is today confronted by a multi-dimensional crisis stemming from national, regional, and global factors, counting the deteriorating security situation in the Sahel, the effects of climate change, geopolitical competition, and a humanitarian and food crisis. Denmark and Niger both are interested in ensuring stability and improving the population’s living conditions by combatting terrorism, strengthening governance, reducing poverty, and increasing the livelihood of local communities. Through Denmark – Niger Strategic Framework 2023-2027, Denmark aims to repellent violent conflict and support peace-building and stability in respect of good governance and human rights, and reduce poverty and inequality by enhancing resilience and accelerating inclusive, sustainable growth.

Through this assignment, Tana Copenhagen will assist the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in assessing the quality and feasibility of the Strategic Framework 2023-2027 and its activities. The appraisal will also assess the linkages of the projects to the overall Strategic Framework 2023-2027, their relevance against Niger’s development needs and key challenges, donor complementarity and the overall proposed management and MEAL systems/architecture.