New Publication in SAGE Journal: Inclusive Shelter Provision in Mogadishu

New Briefing Paper: The Triple Nexus – Building Resilience. An introduction with some discussions and lessons learned.

Paper on Emerging Lessons from the Covid-19 Response in low- and middle-income African Countries

Report on Shelter provision in Mogadishu: Understanding politics
for a more inclusive city

Lessons Learned Paper on Experiences with Remote Working in a Time of Restricted Movement and Social Distancing

Tana Guide – Helpful tips to facilitating online meetings

Briefing paper on Finding shelter in Mogadishu: challenges for vulnerable groups

Briefing paper on Accessing land and shelter in Mogadishu:a city governed by an uneven mix of formal and informal practices

Review of Findings from European Evaluations of Counter Terrorism Capacity Building Programs

Literature Review of the Stabilization Development Nexus

Publication in Development in Practice: Using an adaptive approach to making gatekeepers accountable to internally displaced persons in Mogadishu Somalia