City-of-Systems Lead Study in Mogadishu

African Cities Research Consortium (ACRC) is an organisation based in UK aiming to generate evidence to tackle complex urbanisation problems in some of Africa’s fastest growing city areas through localised activity. ACRC has contracted Tana Copenhagen to conduct “City-of-Systems Lead Study” in Mogadishu, Somalia.

This study will investigate Mogadishu city systems and the complex ways public services and goods are allocated in Mogadishu. The study will research each city core systems and assess how they are connected and their link to the political settlement . It will involve three phases. The first will involve a desk research of existing material to document available knowledge on core city systems. In the second phase, Tana Copenhagen will undertake online and face-to-face interviews with key informants to fill out the gaps identified in the desk review phase and verify findings. The final phase will involve drafting and quality assuring the study report. Points of engagement with the other research teams and possibly domain leads will be agreed with the consortium during the implementation.