Evaluation of Development Cooperation between the Ministry of Finance Labor and Transfers, Property Tax Department, in Kosovo and the Swedish Tax Agency financed by the Swedish Embassy in Pristina

Sida and the Swedish Tax Agency have supported Kosovo’s Ministry of Finance Labor and Transfers in developing property taxation through a series of consecutive projects. The main objective of this development is to strengthen the municipalities by giving them preconditions to improve their own source revenues and to provide a better business environment. Specifically the Protax 2 Project, it aims to contribute to long-term effects that will strengthen the municipalities, and the means for doing so is to improve the property tax system. 

Tana Copenhagen is appointed to carry out the evaluation of this Protax 2 Project. The objective is twofold: (1) to provide Sida with a basis for determining the long-term value of its contribution; and (2) to compile and summarize experiences made in the project, as input to designing future projects and possible cooperations.