Evaluation of FBA trainings in dialogue and mediation for UN DPA

Tana is currently undertaking the evaluation of the Folke Bernadotte Academy trainings in dialogue and mediation for the UN Department of Peacebuilding Affairs (previously DPA).

Since 2006, Folk Bernadotte Academy has provided a training course to the UNDPA. The training courses were initiated when the Mediation Support Unit was established, and has over the years trained more than 300 participants (from the UN Headquarters, Missions and Regional Organisations) in the course “Designing and Supporting Dialogue and Mediation Processes”, which focuses on the skills and frameworks needed for designing and supporting dialogue and mediation processes in fragile and often violent political contexts.

The overall purpose of the evaluation is to analyse the results and impact of the dialogue and mediation trainings for DPPA. The evaluation aims to highlight results in terms of learning and changed individual behavior as well as organisational changes and institutional development following the training, taking into account the different steps in the Kirkpatrick model.

Tana is providing 4 consultants to carry out the evaluation, including a Team Leader, a Mediation Expert, an Evaluation Expert and a QA expert.