Evaluation of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedoms (WILPF), Core Support 2017 – 2021

Tana Copenhagen is currently conducting an evaluation of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedoms (WILPF). WILPF is a peace and women’s organisation with strong feminist profile which aligns highly with the Swedish feminist foreign policy agenda. 

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the implementation, results and lessons of “Advancing Feminist Peace: WILPF International Secretariat Strategic Plan 2017-2021″ according to the evaluation criteria: relevance, effectiveness, sustainability and impact as well as to formulate recommendations as an input to upcoming discussions concerning the preparation of a new phase of the engagement between Sida and WILPF for the next strategic plan operational from 2022.

Tana provides two senior evaluators with extensive experience in conducting evaluations with strong feminist approach and within thematic areas of women, peace and security, and organisational development. Tana also provides 3 local experts to support the team.