Feasibility Study on Climate Resilience for Refugee Affected Areas and Regions in Uganda

Since 1998, Denmark has supported sustainable and inclusive economic development in refugee-affected areas with a focus on Northern Uganda. Currently, Denmark supports development in Northern Uganda through the Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative (NURI) 2018-2022 with a focus on climate-smart agriculture, agriculture-related rural infrastructure and water resources management. The current activities are implemented in both refugee-hosting and non-refugee-hosting districts. A large number of reviews and studies have shown that these interventions have been relevant, effective, efficient and to some degree sustainable. For this reason, Denmark aims to continue its support in the refugee-affected areas.

The purpose of the consultancy is to assist the embassy in assessing the feasibility of a future intervention that targets refugee-affected areas and regions. The study team will analyse the challenges, opportunities and feasibility of interventions that can support sustainable and durable solutions in Uganda as a country that hosts refugees from fragile neighbouring countries and then possibly prepare a call for proposal for the project.