IDP Policy in Mogadishu

Tana has recently finalised a project to support the Benadir Regional Administration in formulating a IDP policy.

This is the first IDP policy for the Benadir Regional Administration (BRA), developed to provide a coherent and coordinated response from the BRA to the current IDP crisis in the city of Mogadishu. This IDP Policy is specific to the Benadir Region, it recognizes and is informed by ongoing efforts to adopt a Somali National IDP Policy. As such, it is a living document that will continue to be adapted as the IDP situation in Mogadishu evolves on the ground, as well as by regulations and guidelines as they are developed.

The policy is an integral part of Pillar 6 of the BRA’s Strategic Plan of 2018-2023. The policy will cover all 17 districts and is specifically tailored to IDPs; however, it also recognizes that there are other categories of displaced persons – refugees and returnees – and who are in similar circumstances to IDPs. It will be delivered in collaboration with various government institutions, the Federal States, as well as with national and international organizations.

The policy has a durable solutions outlook and covers access to land, tenure security and inclusive development; Individual documentation, social inclusion and participation; access to services and labor markets; and rural integration capacity.