Review and Capacity Assessment of Danish Red Cross

Tana is in the process of reviewing and assessing the capacity of the Danish Red Cross (DRC) for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The overall objectives of the review are to assess the capacity of DRC especially on the delivery of results on long term civil society development and humanitarian interventions and the linkage between them, through a variety of partnerships – this will be done by:

  • Assessing DRC’s organisational, technical and financial management capacity to achieve agreed results under the Strategic Partnership (SPa) with the MFA.
  • Assessing and validating results by DRC from the period 2016-2018, based on a sample.

The review will identify recommendations, which will provide a critical input to the MFA’s on-going dialogue with DRC with a special focus on the link between civil society support and humanitarian response as well as DRC’s role in supporting the broader civil society.

Tana has provided three consultants for the assignment, including a Lead Consultant and CSO expert, an expert on humanitarian affairs and a financial management expert.