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Events in 2019

October 2019

1. A 2-day briefing workshop to senior officials from the Office of the Federal Attorney General on AML/CFT/IFFs was held from October 25-26, 2019. This was a platform for leaders at the level of director to familiarise themselves with the nature and aspirations of the project, and the planned activities in its implementation.

November and December 2019

2. Two sessions of training, each of which ran for 3 days, were delivered to the police on the indicators of, and the investigation of financial crimes. The first session occurred from 5th – 7th November 2019 and the second session occurred from 4th – 6th December 2019.

November 2019

3. 25th to 30th November 2019 a combined training workshop was delivered to prosecutors, investigators and FIC experts in two sessions, each of which ran for three days. The aim was to enhance investigation skills in domestic and regional financial and economic crimes that drive money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The workshop also afforded trainees opportunities to improve inter-agency co-operation.


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