Evaluation of Ghana WFP Country Strategic Plan (2018-2023)

Tana has been appointed by WFP to undertake an evaluation of Ghana WFP Country Strategic Plan (2018-2023). The evaluation covers all WFP’s many activities in Ghana that seek to address vulnerabilities of populations including children and women of reproductive age to improve their nutritional status; enable prioritised populations and communities to benefit from more efficient, inclusive and resilient food systems; strengthen local and national institutions to better target and manage food security, nutrition and social protection programmes; support government efforts towards Zero Hunger by 2030 with advocacy and effective policy frameworks; and meet basic food and nutrition needs of crisis affected populations during and in the aftermath of shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic and refugee and displaced persons crisis.

The evaluation will look at the causality underpinning WFP’s engagement and respond to evaluation questions aligned with OCED-DAC criteria namely relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, coherence and sustainability, as well as connectedness and coverage. Additionally, the evaluation will assess the adherence to humanitarian principles, protection issues and Accountability to Affected Population of WFP’s response in Ghana.