Evaluation of the Funding Facility for Stabilisation in Iraq

Tana Copenhagen has been commissioned by UNDP to conduct an evaluation of the “Funding Facility for Stabilisation (FFS)”. The FFS was designed as the stabilisation response to the Anti‐ISIS Coalition’s liberation effort, at the request of the Government of Iraq (GoI) to be implemented by UNDP. As of January 2018, FFS was approved by its Steering Committee to support stabilisation efforts of the GoI in 31 locations, across the liberated governorates of Anbar, Diyala, Salah Al Din, Kirkuk, and Ninewah.

FFS falls under Outcome 3 of both UNDP Strategic Plan (2018‐2022) and CPD (2016‐2020). As of end‐2019, FFS had a project portfolio of more than 3,000 projects. This includes 2,042 completed projects, and projects that are under implementation, as well as those in pipeline. The evaluation will generate evidence of progress and challenges, helping to ensure accountability for the implementation the project, as well as identifying and sharing knowledge and good practices.