Evaluation of the RESLOG Project 2018-2021

Resilience in Local Governance (RESLOG) Project is carried out by the Swedish Local Authorities and Regions Association (SALAR), through its affiliate SKL-International. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of local government systems by increasing resilience in accordance with the principles of peacefulness and inclusiveness in Turkey and Lebanon, two countries seriously affected by the Syrian Crisis.

Tana Copenhagen has been appointed by SKL International to conduct an evaluation of the RESLOG project 2018-2021. The objects of the evaluation are two country components in Turkey and Lebanon and one smaller joint component for sharing experiences. Each component is governed by a results framework with separate long-term and intermediate expected outcomes and sets of progress indicators. In the Turkish component, the project’s contributions on the three levels (national, regional and local) shall be covered by the evaluation. In the Lebanese component, the evaluation shall focus on the regional and local levels, as the key focus of the component is to apply an areas-based approach in Akkar. The more limited component on policy work at the national level, should not be included in the evaluation object. The smaller regional component, focusing on exchange of experiences between the three countries shall be part of the evaluation object.