Review of Project on Peace-building and Reconciliation through Artistic Expression in Mali

Danish Country Programme for Mali 2017-2022 comprises three thematic programmes: for private sector and economic growth, for decentralisation and good governance, for peaceful co-existence and reconciliation. The objective of the latter programme is a Malian society that is more peaceful, resilient and respectful of human rights. One of Danish support has been channeled through a project titled “Peace-building and Reconciliation through Artistic Expression in Mali” (1 December 2017- 31 December 2020). The project is in line with the above mentioned thematic programmes that the overall objective of this project is to use music performance and education to build bridges between different groups with a focus on the young generation.

Tana Copenhagen undertakes an evaluation of this project aiming to help the Danish Embassy in Bamako evaluating the project and to consider the direction for a possible new phase of the cultural programme. Tana provide two consultants including our in-house consultant Charlotte Bonnet.