External Evaluation of Iraq Foundation Project

The Iraq Foundation project contributes to two result areas in Sweden’s strategy for development cooperation with Iraq in 2017 – 2021: peaceful and inclusive societies, and gender equality, and aims both to support the legitimacy and representativity of key institutions, to ensure the consideration of the voice and needs of the population and support CSOs in charge of representing them, and to ensure interactions between the communities and institutions. The evaluation aims to support accountability of the interventions and identify lessons learned to SIDA and its partners by analysing the performance of the project and to identifying recommendations for future work.

The evaluation prioritizes the evaluation criteria of relevance, effectiveness as well as sustainability. In addition, the evaluation will consider gender mainstreaming, as well as integration of the equity perspective, in relations to the various social groups and the extent to which they are effectively represented in the Parliament and CSOs, looking for those cross-cutting issues at various levels of results as well as at processes.