External Evaluation of the Special Account: Multi Donor Programme on Freedom of Expression and Safety Journalists (MDP) for UNESCO

Multi-Donor Programme on Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists (MDP) was established to help facilitating UNESCO’s work to implement the Programme of the Organization’s Communication and Information Sector. The MDP supports activities to promote the adoption and application of relevant policies and normative frameworks to strengthen the environment for freedom of expression, press freedom, and access to information, to enhance the safety of journalists, to support sustainable and independent media institutions and facilitate pluralism and participation in media, and to promote gender equality in both media production and content.

Tana Copenhagen is undertaking an evaluation of the MDP aiming to assess the performance and results of the programme. The evaluation will assess the quality of the main outputs and outcomes and will review the programme’s performance in respect to the agreed objectives of the programme strategy focusing on the results through a combination of short-term and medium-term actions as well as the sustainability of interventions and gender equality. The evaluation will also assess the ability to synergise actions with other stakeholders and projects/programmes, as relevant, as well as supporting fund mobilisation on the field level and at UNESCO Headquarters.