Domain Researchers Study in Somalia

African Cities Research Consortium (ACRC) is an organisation based in UK aiming to generate evidence to tackle complex urbanisation problems in some of Africa’s fastest growing city areas through localised activity. ACRC has contracted Tana Copenhagen to conduct “Domain Researchers Study” in Somalia.

Urban development domains are defined by ACRC as fields of power, policy, practice and knowledge that are relevant to the solutions for specific urban problems. Domains are constituted by multiple systems and multiple actors (political, bureaucratic, professional and popular) that seek to claim control, influence and rights over a particular field, for example housing, with the objective of addressing specific challenges. Urban development domains also play particular and diverse roles in sustaining the wider balance of power at both city and national level, providing rents and/or legitimacy to governing elites in ways that in turn shape how authority is contested within domains, and whose interests and ideas predominate. Through this study, ACRC will explore eight different urban development domains across a selected range of our 13 cities in Somalia.