Preparation and Design of a Research Capacity Development and Collaboration Programme in East Africa

Research capacity development and collaboration schemes have been an important component of Danish development assistance for many years. The Building Stronger Universities (BSU) programme was established in 2011 as collaboration between Universities Denmark (representing all Danish universities) and 11 higher education institutions in five countries in Africa and Asia. While BSU has in the past included collaboration between universities in West Africa (Ghana) and East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania), the new programme will however shift its focus to East African partnerships. This assignment will also explore the possibility to include and develop partnerships with universities in Somaliland.

Tana Copenhagen will assist Danida in preparing a five-year programme of support for capacity development and research collaboration between Danish and East African universities. The assignment comprises four essential steps: 1) identification of target universities in East Africa and possible regional partners for twinning arrangements; 2) organisation of “matching” (dialogue) with possible Danish partners to consider research proposals drawn up by southern partners; 3) preparation of joint research proposals, including outcomes, inputs, etc.; and 4) drafting and finalising the programme document.