Technical Assistance to Support the Youth Advisory Panel in Palestine

The United Nations, the European Union and Denmark believe that involving young people in shaping and implementing development policies and programmes is an important strategy towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. And involving young people is a top priority for Denmark, EU and UN in Palestine. Aiming to ensure that the young people are systematically given an opportunity to provide a youth perspective on decisions affecting them, Youth Advisory Panels (YAP) was then established around the world including in Palestine. The panel consists of 19 young Palestinian leaders and activists from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem. 

Tana Copenhagen has been assigned by Danida to provide technical assistance: (1) to support the YAP in providing high-quality advice to the PA, Denmark, the UN, and the EU and its Member States on the inclusion of youth in strategies, programmes and implementation efforts; (2) to build the capacity of YAP members in the areas of human rights and civic engagement, thereby enabling them to continue to hold PA and donors to account on youth related commitments; and (3) to contribute to the continuation of the YAP by developing a transition and sustainability plan. The sustainability plan will also include a clear exit strategy from the YAP’s dependency on Denmark, EU & Member States, and the UN.