Technical Review of the Danish Support to the Somalia Joint Programme for Local Governance and Service Delivery (JPLG III)

Denmark has been supporting the UN “Joint Program on Local Governance and Decentralised Service-Delivery” (JPLG) in Somalia since 2008. The program, now in its third iteration (“JPLG III”), represents one of Denmark’s largest and longest running investments in Somalia and Somaliland. At the broadest level, the JPLG III focuses on achieving three primary outcomes: (1)  improving the legislation and policies around local governance; (2) building the capacities of the local governments (district administrations and relevant state line ministries); and (3) ensuring more inclusive and representative governance, particularly regarding the meaningful participation of women, youth, and minorities. 

Tana Copenhagen will undertake a technical review of the JPLG III aiming to provide an independent assessment of the program’s progress towards its expected results. Specifically, the review will assess: (1) to what extend JPLG III is able to demonstrate progress towards achieving results proportional to JPLG’s size in its three outcome areas; (2) to what extent JPLG III has demonstrated an uptake of recommendations from previous reviews and evaluations related to improved M&E and program management, gender, and the complementarity with other governance programs (2011, 2015 and 2019); and (3) to what extend JPLG III has lived up to the OECD-DAC criteria for relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, sustainability as well as the program’s outcomes and impact.