World Bank Report on Forced Displacement and Mixed Migration in the Horn of Africa

The World Bank report on Displacement and Mixed Migration in the Horn of Africa, which Tana has assisted in producing, has just been published. The study was carried out in cooperation with UNHCR and supports the increased international coordination between the UN and the World Bank.

The study on displacement is intended to support the operational development of the World Bank’s regional approach to the Horn of Africa. The second objective of the report was to support UNHCR’s strategic shift in addressing needs of the displaced populations from “care and maintenance” to “social cohesion and self-reliance.”

The study analyzes the forced displacement and development nexus. Furthermore it explores the mixed migration phenomenon, assesses the impacts of refugees and migrants on hosting areas and communities, identifies ongoing innovative interventions, and propose entry points and practical steps to address the development dimensions of forced displacement and mixed migration in the HOA.

The study can be read here